Conan The Tequila

I continued the vector work to create more Conan symbols to be used for the custom designed packaging. The cover is Thulsa Doom’s snake cult symbol, with the atlantean sword t...
Custom funko pop - Gouki the Swordsman!

Gouki The Swordsman

Gouki has never had a master, the rage within him has been his teacher, and with that he has never answered to anyone. He agreed to be a part of Bear Knuckle after meeting with Vinc...
A face a mother could only love, Sweet Meat

Sweet Meat – Custom Bub

There's a joke that Sweet Meat mistook one of Ottis's Kin for a giant piece of talking candy, when he had some sort of syrup spill all over him. Sounds funny, but there's a really h...
Vincenzo custom madL for Vinyl Thoughts 5

Vincenzo – Custom MadL

Vincenzo here's tried infiltrating the renegade animal group known as Bear Knuckle by posing as their leader—Vincent The Red Eye, a whiskey fueled, cigar smoking blue rabbit with on...

Ft Wright Cross Fit

Cross fit branding is a tricky sort, it's becoming quite difficult to stand out amongst the sea of ever growing gyms and dumbbell logos, or strong guy cutouts.

King of Fighters Blockhead

This blockhead loves to fight, he loves it so much he's the friggin' king of fighters! Yea he's a little bruised up, that eye may be a little shut, but what are you gonna do...after...

Blockhead Greaser Custom MadL

My first custom Mad*L based on a 5 inch figure, standing at 7 inches tall. This blockhead started off as a sticker design and transformed into a toy!
Front View of Urso without his mask on

Urso The Shaman

Healing powers unrivaled, and a staff that glows with no known origin—he is Urso, the shaman.
Custom dunny based on Apocalypse series Half Turned

Starry Night

If you spot a shooting star in the night sky... it was him, and it’s too late.

McKnuckle – The Dwarven Warrior

A custom munny based off of the popular game, World of Warcraft. Mcknuckle comes with a removable leather eye patch, arrows (he took one in the knee too), and swappable weapons, now...

80’s Frontier

Everything I remember about the 80's, it was bright, neon and scarred my brain for life.

Horizon’s Dawn

Album artwork and poster for a Kentucky based collaborative project.

No Rest For The Wicked

No Rest For The Wicked is a series of half dead, infected monsters, their only eat meat!

Manfred The Claws

A Bear Knuckle member who prefers the use of claws to anything else..reveling in the anguish of his enemies.


Custom dunny inspired by the hit video game StarCraft