Respect Graphics is the house of freelance web and graphic designer Anthony Ferreira. Anthony has been designing websites for years, and pushing pixels even longer then that. I would describe him as a fast learning, semi-cyborg hell bent on world domination.

Respect Graphics founder Anthony Respect

Alright, that’s just weird talking about myself in third person.

I guess you were interested enough to read through this, so I’ll get on with it. My name is Anthony aka Respect, hence the name Respect Graphics.  I was born in Brooklyn, New York during the early 80’s where I used all manner of colored objects to gain their powers.  Oddly enough I really never intended on doing design work as a living, I always figured that it would spoil the fun of it. Then out of sheer coincidence that went out the window one day. I’ve been designing as a living for years now without having the fun sucked out of it!

For lack of a better word I’d rather go by designer, because I feel it’s a general term for web design / graphic design / print design / illustration & branding. I’ve worked with a wide range of people, business men & women, friends, family, and evil scientists. Most recently I’ve gotten involved in creating custom toys and toy design in general, immersing myself in the people, the scene and every bit of information I can get my hands on. This leads people to refer to me as eccentric. However being eccentric requires copious amounts of money and since I don’t have that, I guess I’m just crazy… or have a big thirst for knowledge, you pick.


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What’s up with this strange info?

I’d rather you have a small semblance of how my personality works, yes Respect Graphics is my business but it is still me. Like everyone there are multiple facets to me and the way I approach things, and I feel that being an automaton, with third person descriptions of myself would take away from who I am. I’m not going to be the designer that gives you a yes for everything you want. I will however be the designer that has built a realistic relationship with you based on trust and honesty.

What kind of graphic design do you like most?

If I have to choose, I’d say it’s iconography design or branding—they can be so complex yet simple that it’s mesmerizing, it’s that style that draws me in. I pretty much create a mini brand for everything I do, something about a nicely done brand just Rodgers my Hammerstein.

What kind of freelance work do you do?

Well, like I said up there I’m a designer—I do graphic design, web design, illustration, mercenary work, toy design, character design…honestly you should look through my works and just take it all in.
Freelancing was used to describe a “medieval mercenary” or “free-lance”. Meaning that he/she didn’t belong to any major house, not that their services were free. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

How long does <insert project> take?

Everything requires patience and time. There is no definitive answer for this, except that I always make my deadlines, with time to spare. If you need a legitimate answer then shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you.

Can I / We watch you work?

Sure, I work naked smothered in jelly, singing all day long though. If there are no discrepancies and I don’t think you’ll be sexually harassing me, then I see no issues.

I found this awesome image on the interwebs, can you make this exact same thing just change the colors?

Gonna have to go with no, I’d rather make a sandwich.

Do you take commissions for custom toys?

Yes, but only if it incorporates my style into it. I will not do a 1:1 reproduction of something that exists unless it really really seems fun.

What’s up with “Bear Knuckle”?

It’s a group of some of the deadliest, or maybe just craziest animals from all walks and all areas of the world. These guys have sleeper cells in every major wild life preserve, every major zoo and probably a few “domesticated” members.