80’s Anime VHS


Inside the VHS is a set of 5 random anime stickers, 5 anime pins, and a patch! There is a chance to get a golden version of my Akira pin which is EXCLUSIVE to the box, a custom bloody Devilman, a custom painted Vampire Hunter D, and a custom painted UV reactive Guyver!

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Since starting this whole thing in the toy scene I’ve always been enamored with the appeal of the “blind box”, “mystery bag”…whatever it is you wanna call not knowing what you’re gonna get. That thrill of getting the super rare piece, or my personal favorite, all the pieces you wanted!

So with that I created this, it’s about me showing off my design chops with the packaging and artistic skills with the products within it.

Inspired by the anime I grew up loving, watching and being well…inspired by obviously, I bring you “The 80’s Anime VHS Vol 1 “.

For the time being the box is the only place to get the Clown Gangs patch, once the boxes are done I will have them available.

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