Gabara Void Edition | Limited Edition

The second wave of the Kaiju Gods and Kings series is at its end, and with that the fog of monster island has lifted. We have a clear sighting of Gabara, the stretchy neck “toad” monster…looks more like a slinky green unicorn cat to me but what do I know. He’s definitely aggravated since it sounds like he’s having car trouble–or is that purring?

This n is an original enamel pin with a stylized design and concept based on probably the only definitive jerk kaiju, Gabara. Man this kaiju is salty as hell, like it’s our fault they only have so much hair.

The Gabara Vice City enamel pin is only available here and on my etsy.


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Pin Details:

The Void edition has a gold metal finish with rainbow glitter over black and extremely limited colors, it measures in at 1.48″ w x 1.89″ h.

This soft enamel pin has two posts with rubber backers. Each pin is stamped on the back with my logo, so you know it’s one of my designs, and pinned on a custom designed backer card.

Pins are sealed in a clear mylar bag on their backer cards and will ship in a bubble envelope.

Weight .45 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .5 in
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Gabara Void Limited Edition Kaiju Gods and Kings Soft EnamelGabara Void Edition | Limited Edition

Availability: In stock

Only 10 left in stock!   
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