Ghidoraboros “Void Edition” LE



The ancient Ghidoraboros used to summon Ghidorah from planet to planet by his crazy ass followers. Or it’s just something I really enjoyed making and hope you enjoy too.


Enamel Pin is 2″ tall gold with black enamel and rainbow glitter.

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The first wave of the Kaiju Gods and Kings series has dropped, and among the first is the one and only Ghidorah, or technically the Ghidoroboros!

A relic long forgotten and found again, the limited “Void Edition”, will be the beacon for Ghidorah!

The gigantic 3 headed kaiju of death, is one of Godzilla’s biggest enemies and generally just a major pain in the ass to everything alive since he comes from space to mess stuff up.

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Weight .45 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × .4 in