The Witch Doctors

The print is available in 2 sizes, 12″x16″ or 9″x12″ and both have a .5″ matted border.

Printed on 190gsm archival paper with a soft matte finish, shipped flat packed inside cardboard backers.

From $15.00 to 20.00

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So after workin’ my ass off on “Gimmie That!” and doing ridiculous amounts of redraws for my characters, I seriously wanted to redo “The Witch Doctors”. Especially after throwing in the little post easter eggs in Gimmie That. I had so much fun with making a cel-shaded piece, I was honestly curious how this would like if I did in that style, and DAMN. I LOVE IT!! So much more detail in the entire piece, it honestly made me happy to see it redone like this.

Hopefully it makes you happy when you hang it up in your place!


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