The Behemoth custom toy, a (wip)

A Kidrobot Raffy will become a FF13 Behemoth

So there we have it, I’m gonna start showing off my unsafe practices with power tools and fire. Don’t worry I’m just kidding, I practice mild safety with power tools, don’t want to drill through my hand or smash my fingers…again. I’m intending to update this as work on the custom toy progresses, this is going to let everyone see my madness.

What thBehemoth_Cocoon_FFXIII_Arte hell is a Behemoth?!

That word alone conjures up images of something monstrous, something of Godzilla proportions. So for those of you who don’t know, the Behemoth is a character from the massive rpg franchise Final Fantasy. I’ve never fully played through any of the games though, they’ve honestly never seemed too interesting to me. So if like myself, you’ve never seen it, then you can check out on the side what this thing is. There’s multiple versions of the Behemoth, ranging from bare ass naked to armored and mech looking.

Behemoth as a custom toy!

The behemoth is going to be an involved custom toy, and I specifically picked it out of a list of options because it’s something that’s heavily out of my “comfort” zone. I’ve always thought that the only way to get better at something is to challenge what you know. Each of the custom toys I’ve made so far have taught me something different, and I hope to learn a lot out of this one.

Behemoth Custom toy quick sketch

From the get go I figured that I would use a Kidrobot Raffy for the base, thought it was time to work on a different Kidrobot platform. I started with a quick reference sketch of the face, then two dirty sculpt versions, one on the Raffy head and one from scratch.

After coming up with the initial anatomy of the character, this custom toy was going to need some surgery and new bionic limbs. With that in mind the front limbs have been cut and moved to more of a shoulder position, the hind legs moved to a prone pose. Magic sculpt as been used as the joint compound to keep it all together, hehe “joint compound”, what a shitty pun. As a side note, I had started sculpting with a chavant clay to see how things were going to pan out. It has been scrapped though now that I’m going to be going in with magic sculpt and sculpy clay, however I didn’t take pictures of that stage…oh well. Enjoy.

Check out the shots below, and come back to see how this custom toy progresses.

Show me the damned pictures!

IMAG0908 IMAG0899IMAG0901

┬áHere’s the body after surgery and magic sculpt. You can see some of the red chavant clay still on it.
Behemoth Custom toy undersideBehemoth custom toy hind legs view

Here we have the bionic limbs all set up, he’s becoming the million dollar man!

Behemoth custom toy with armature wire front angle Behemoth custom toy with armature wire left sideBehemoth custom toy with armature wire front Behemoth custom toy with armature wire right side


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