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Great hair? Check. Kickass jacket? Check. Wallet chain and baseball bat? Check. Let's roll. So this blockhead right here, like most of my non animal toons, has great hair--aka the pompadour! Most of his time is spent keepin that glorious hair in check, the rest of the time he's making sure everyone else in line. This was my first time working with the Mad*l as a base, and it was a perfect fit!! The hair was made using craft foam, then resin to harden that and finally skinned using magic sculpt.  The baseball bat is made from magic sculpt and the ball chain... well that's a ball chain, keep up damn it. This piece is based on a recent sticker design, well one of them anyway. You can pick this guy up or a set of the stickers from the shop here. PLATFORM MAD*L
MATERIALS Foam, Magic Sculpt, Resin, Acrylic, Ballchain
SERIES Blockhead
YEAR 2014