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One of my favorite movies as a kid and still one of my favorites as an adult is Conan The Barbarian! So when I got accepted to participate in this years Vinyl Thoughts 6 show, which had a cinema theme... I knew exactly what I was gonna to make. The base figure is a Tequila by Muttpop, hence the name..."Conan The Tequila". It took me a bit to settle on which version of Conan I was going to make. A lot of reworking went into Conan the Tequila and is likely the best custom I've ever done. The necklace pieces were sculpted then strung to get the right distance from the neck / face. The sword was first designed in illustrator as a silhouette then laser cut from 1/4" thick white acrylic, sanded down on a belt sander and details of the hilt sculpted on. After that it was molded and cast in resin, ensuring a solid piece. I continued the vector work to create more Conan symbols to be used for the custom designed packaging. The cover is Thulsa Doom's snake cult symbol, with the atlantean sword through and my own Bear Knuckle skull within. The box is wrapped in black vinyl, with silver accenting, the interior is custom cut foam wrapped in red felt, which fits Conan the Tequila and the sword perfectly.   PLATFORM¬†Tequila
MATERIALS Magic Sculp, Acrylic, Super Sculpy, Resin
YEAR 2015