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Iggy Doublemint, one half of the Doublemint twits...er twins; hyperactive kleptomaniacs and Ottis' kin—shocking I know. Him and his brother Oog are usually found around Sweet Meat, trying to get him drunk on "Bear Knuckle Firewater" and steal his candy. Filled with delusions of grandeur, just like his kin, he's got all sorts of plans and doesn't mind getting dirty to get them done. All that crazy has him hellbent on getting as much sugar in him as he can—convinced that if he eats enough of it he'll be able to start fires with his mind. Of the two brothers he's definitely the angry older brother, all that thunder of being an only child taken away—within 2 minutes of coming into this world. Check out the post Vinyl Thoughts 5 & Creatures for Kids – PT 2, not as much Iggy Doublemint as I'd like but he's in there! PLATFORM Kidrobot Dunny
MATERIALS Magic Sculp, Acrylic, Resin, Hot glue
SERIES Bear Knuckle
YEAR 2014
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