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This savage in heavy armor is the first known black ops member of Bear Knuckle. Probably the loudest too, it isn't easy being quiet when your dancing around in metal with a helmet that shoots canon shells. With that knowledge you'd think that he wouldn't qualify for black ops, turns out... he does. The main inspiration for this character is the "tank bot" head, which was created by fellow artist MikeDie. So the resin head was handed off to me to customize, and so I did. It started with the head, sculpting the eye sockets and sideburns to give it the appearance of a helmet. After that he needed some armor, some packs, and a heavy duty ammo chain. Then I sculpted the tiny little shotgun and made the push button trigger that is wired into the back of the helmet. PLATFORM   Dunny
MATERIALS   Clay, Magic Sculpt, Resin, Acrylic
SERIES   Bear Knuckle
YEAR   2013