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McKnuckle is a custom munny commission based on my interpretation of a friends character within the popular MMO-RPG, World of Warcraft. To me, those character models are way too pretty. They just lack the reality of what might happen if you smash your face into someone else's repeatedly. or the repercussions of punching a dragon in the junk. As far as the custom goes, I sculpted, ripped apart and re-sculpted the beard and hair. The nose ring and earring are made out of real metal jump rings, the eye patch is leather, the weapons are made out of laser cut acrylic, then shaved, sanded and sculpted on. PLATFORM   Munny
MATERIALS   Acrylic, Magic Sculpt, Metal, Twine, Leather, Dremel
SERIES   none
YEAR   2013
EDITION   1 of 1