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Most don't even know what this sociopath looks like without all the face paint and the mask. When accompanied by Urso, he's usually calm enough—still, he is not to be approached alone. Just because he's standing out in the open doesn't mean his kin haven't surrounded you—and are planning on playing doctor with your insides. It's strange how he's drawn to Urso almost like a shadow, and he's been heard mumbling that without darkness there is no light. There's been a few occasions of him offering his "healing" services, or his "healing elixer". No one has the guts to accept the offer though, especially with the knowledge that his kin are lurking somewhere nearby. The mask and staff were sculpted in clay then cast in resin, there are magnets embedded in the head and in the mask to keep it in place. This was done for the Art Without Borders 2 gallery show. PLATFORM Dunny
MATERIALS Clay, Magic Sculpt, Resin, Acrylic, Magnets
SERIES Bear Knuckle
YEAR 2014