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The second known black ops member of Bear Knuckle—a squad leader at that! Leading his aerial assault unit known as the "Band of the Hawk", he sports his "royal armor" in his regal colors. He might be off in the head but this guy is no joke—armed with his silenced sniper rifle, he flies through the night sky on metal wings. If you spot a shooting star in the night sky... it was him, and it’s too late. This is a 1 off commission custom JPK dunny based on off the piece he made for the Apocalypse series from 2013.  The only requests were to keep the gladiator styled helmet and wings. All of the camouflage stripes were given multiple coatings of gloss clear to give that multi-color shine. PLATFORM   Dunny
MATERIALS   Clay, Magic Sculpt, Acrylic
SERIES   Bear Knuckle
YEAR   2014