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This tubby bastard is a connoisseur of all things sugar fueled and, of course all things meat—obviously, I mean look at his tattoos. Dubbing himself as the Bear Knuckle master chef—supplying a nauseating amount of sweets; ice cream, candy, and syrups daily. Despite his appearance, Sweet Meat is probably one of the more aggressive of the bunch—you come between him and whatever he decided on eating, you're in for it. Lets not forget he is fat though, and he is pink, so if you're a good runner there's a higher chance of survival—if you've got candy that just increased your odds...unless you run out. There's a joke that Sweet Meat mistook one of Ottis's Kin for a giant piece of talking candy, when some sort of syrup spilled all over him. Sounds funny I know, but there's a high possibility that was true, candy coated meat? Yea...I'm sure he'd let that go to waste... Here's a work log of Sweet Meat, with a bunch of pictures and crazy ramblings Vinyl Thoughts 5 & Creatures for Kids – PT 2 PLATFORM Kidrobot Bub
MATERIALS Magic Sculp, Acrylic
SERIES Bear Knuckle
YEAR 2014