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So here he is, the "Gangstar", a cold hearted rabbit who knows what he wants, and is willing to do some dirty shit to get it. Originally he used to roll around with Moe Munny but that ship sailed, and we can't discuss that yet. The head was sculpted on top of a regular Dunny, then molded and cast in resin. The bandana knot is a separate sculpted and cast piece, that gets attached to the back of the head. There are three possible weapon accessories that are included with each custom dunny, a spiked club made with finishing nails, a regular baseball bat, or a knife. One custom dunny will come with all 3, so you pick your poison. Grab yours in the shop! PLATFORM Dunny
MATERIALS Clay, Magic Sculpt, Resin, Acrylic
SERIES Bear Knuckle
YEAR 2013