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As the Bear Knuckle healer, he's studied medicine in all parts of the known world, and possibly the unknown—based on his glowing staff that he refuses to discuss. He enjoys his solitude and lives outside the group at his own camp, however that solitude was short lived. He's shadowed by a known sociopath named Ottis and his kin, and when they get all liquored up he makes sure to keep his distance. It's been speculated that he wears his wooden mask to keep them happy. There've been occasions of individuals going into the woods for Urso's camp and not making it there—at least not in one piece. The mask is held on with magnets embedded in the munny head and mask itself, the feathers are polystyrene plastic. This piece was done for the Art Without Borders 2 show. PLATFORM Munny
MATERIALS Clay, Magic Sculpt, Resin, Acrylic, Polystyrene Plastic, Magnets
SERIES Bear Knuckle
YEAR 2014