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Vincent "The Red Eye" is the leader of a group of aggressive animals known as Bear Knuckle. Feared for his excessive smoking,  alcoholism, short temper and brass knuckles....This is not the bunny to mess with. Vincent was actually my first custom dunny, at 3" I guess I might have gone a little overboard. After Manfred though I decided each piece is go big or don't do it. Vincent has a removable eye patch, so it can be displayed with his messed up eye or covered. The bandoleer, brass knuckles and cigar are not removable unfortunately, however there are plans if an 8" version is made. Vincent is the first Bear Knuckle member available. PLATFORM  Dunny
MATERIALS  Acrylic, Magic Sculpt, Liquor
SERIES  Bear Knuckle
YEAR  2013
EDITION   1 of 8