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Vincenzo here's tried infiltrating the renegade animal group known as Bear Knuckle by posing as their leader—Vincent The Red Eye, a whiskey fueled, cigar smoking blue rabbit with one eye. He thinks everything went according to plan, but they noticed the difference in size, skin, tattoos, not to mention that he's human. So they played along, hung out with him, told him crazy things and even gave him a commemorable tattoo, ya know... since he's their leader and all. Vincenzo is the first real antagonist / protagonist introduced against Bear Knuckle—so far it's just been them and I haven't been giving any info as to whether or not they are good or bad guys.   If you wanna see how I got to this, I've got a work blog that shows how he came to be Vinyl Thoughts 5 & Creatures for Kids - PT 1   PLATFORM MAD*L
MATERIALS Magic Sculp, Acrylic, Beer, Wiskey
SERIES Bear Knuckle
YEAR 2014