AoA No Toon Left Behind Group Show

AoA No Toon Left Behind Group Show

The landscape of childhood has changed. Those of us fortunate enough to grow up raised by theglow of the TV set on Saturday Mornings as we watched our favorite cartoon characters – must never forget those wonderful times. Saturday morning was our time. Our time to grab our favorite bowl of cereal and sit quietly as we watched – suspending our disbelief even if it were for just a few hours. We must remember those days of old. We must reach down and recount the many stories that made us laugh and cry. We owe it to this new generation. The Arsenal of Artists has gathered once again. We will raise our voices, recall those memories, making sure No Toon is Left Behind!

Well we did it again, and just a few months after the last show!

This one had A LOT of artwork from some extremely talented artists, I’d say that No Toon Left Behind was a massive success. Infact I wish I had better pictures to show off, because they just don’t do the artwork any justice.  There are some behind the scenes shots thrown in though, so you get to feel like a stalker in the bushes. If you’re in the area though or don’t mind a drive—I suggest heading down to SubUrban Vinyl to check everything out, or click the link to see the pics people sent in and pick something up!

For the No Toon Left Behind show I did 3 printed pieces, and a set of custom resin toys all based on one of my favorite animated shows growing up—THE TICK! Anyone that knows me and has seen The Tick, can probably figure out where a lot of my personality comes from. You guessed it, Dinosaur Neil.

Without further delay, here’s the gallery of everything I took a picture of, again check out SubUrban Vinyl for the pieces if your looking to buy anything from one of these artists!

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