AoA The Day of the Bat


The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. Mr. Wayne. He goes by many names. Whatever you may know him as, one things for sure, Batman is an icon. In the city of Gotham, which he has vowed to protect, Batman is proof you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero. Pushing himself to the absolute pinnacle of human achievement, Batman is a brilliant detective who’s mastered fighting techniques the world’s barely heard of. A hero to the youth and an inspiration to us all. From comics, to movies, from video games to tv shows – the last 75 years we’ve witnessed his crusade against injustice. Today we pay homage. Today the Arsenal of Artists gathers once again. We will raise our voices, don our cowls, remembering always this day… the Day of the Bat!

Here we go again folks, another Arsenal of Artists show right on the heels of the last one! Playful Gorilla, Cash Cannon and Dad’s Cartoons proudly presents The Arsenal of Artists “Day of the Bat!” A group art tribute show to the the Dark knight himself. As per usual, the Arsenal of Artists has an unbelievable roster of crazy talented artists. Each participating artist will bring original artwork with them to celebrate DC Entertainments Batman Day and pay homage to Batman himself.

The show opening is being held at Steve’s Comic Relief, 930 Woodbourne Rd, Levittown, PA 19057, on September 26th, 2015 between 2pm – 8pm. Followed by an online showing of artwork at There’s gonna be door prizes, raffles, drinks, exclusive bat shaped pretzels (you know which kind of bat, I don’t mean baseball—or do I?) Have kids? Bring em and dress em up! There’s gonna be Batman masks for the kids, along with a special appearance by the Dark Knight of PA, a cosplay contest and a custom wrapped Slingshot Roadster—aka the new Bat Cycle. The Day of the Bat will almost guarantee you a great time!

For this show I’ll be showing off my Dark Knight Returns Funko Pop vinyl…hopefully, unfortunately this is the first Arsenal of Artists show I will not be able to attend . However there is some great news! My very talented other half will be showing off her custom Batman Impostor, in her first art show! So you got two reasons from me to go there and hang out, that’s not including all the awesome stuff going down!

Take a look at this roster of crazy people who wanted to be a part of this awesome show!


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