Artwork from the 2014 Art Without Borders 2

I recently had the pleasure of creating two pieces for the Art Without Borders 2 show, that was held by Art Whino. Art Without Borders benefits the charity Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), which provides quality health care to those in crisis irrespective of their race, religion, or political affiliation.  These two pieces were my contribution, Urso The Shaman and Ottis—they were definitely a lot of fun to make and as usual they got their own custom box treatment.

My girlfriend and I took a mini vacation to check it all out, and holy shit what a crazy amount of talent was being shown off! I’m honestly honored that my work was good enough to get in. Here’s a gallery of most of the pieces—my camera phone is all fucked up and purple so I have to give my talented girlfriend Christie Bear  a shout out for all these shots. There were so many awesome pieces, being shown off, ranging from oil paintings to full blown installations. If you’re in the DC area I totally recommend checking out Blind Whino when they have an event going on! Once I clean up all the other shots I’ll update this post and throw them up on here.

The Art Without Borders show is still goin’ on over at Art Whino, until April 22nd, so get off your asses and go check all this crazy fuckin art!

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