Took Forever, but it’s done?

Wow, what a long and ridiculously annoying setup this has been. I took my website down what feels like ages ago, and have had a coming soon up, realistically it’s been about 3 years. It’s hard for me to work on my own projects, especially when things are being done in the digital aspect. The ability to constantly work on and change things is a big killer for me, I always want to try to one up it instead of just publishing it.

Having this up to show off what I’ve worked on and what I’m working on will make things easier on me. Carrying around a tablet or pointing people in random directions gets a little crazy.

Everything here is gonna be evolving, a constant change, and you get too watch my decent into madness. On the blog I’ll be vocal about what I’m working on, who I want to work with, and where the jade monkey is hidden.

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